A major port city, Marsolnia was brought to its knees for a decade as plague gripped its citizens. Now on its rise back to prominence.


Marsolnia is divided into several major districts.

Trade Quarter The easternmost district of open trade and commerce.

Clanholm A district populated entirely by dwarves.

Silver City Seat of government, as well as home to the city’s aristocrats.

Mouth of Afrand More commonly referred to as the Docks.

Old Town The poorest neighborhood of the city, Old Town is colloquially known as the Plague Quarter.

New Archeny A thriving center of study and research, juxtaposed with religious temples.

Local Government

Marsolnia is governed chiefly by the City Council, which is elected from members of both the District Lords and the Watch Captains.

City Council

District Lords

Watch Captains


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